Friday, 25 of July of 2014

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I have been interviewed at Ten Minute Interviews!

I recently had a wonderful chat with Candace Broxton at Ten Minute Interviews.

When asked about what separated great fantasy from bad fantasy, I had this to say:

Great fantasy is immersive and character driven. When you can lose yourself in a story, that’s magic. If a story has too many cliches, purple prose, characters that are too flat, or the main character is so powerful that there’s no real conflict, it’s hard to invest in the story. I don’t want to read the story of an all-powerful assassin that always gets his man. I’d rather read the story of the ordinary Joe who the assassin is assigned to kill, and how that guy escapes his fate. Fantasy stories usually involve magic, extensive world building, and fantastical creatures, but all of the best fantasy stories are still character driven.

In the interview, we talk about my inspirations, the future of publishing, and my current projects. We even delve a little into my life outside of writing, such as my love for Celtic music.

See the full interview here!

Both books available now as hardback.

A Touch of Magic
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Magic Astray
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Both should also show up on Amazon as a hardback edition in the next few weeks. I’ve set up some pretty substantial discounts for Lulu purchases, though, so both books are under $20 if you buy them through Lulu. Only time will tell if Amazon will match those discounts on their site.

Work on the 3rd book, Magic Unleashed, is coming along!

Latest happenings

Here’s the latest news with the Llandra Saga:

First off, I have published the first novel, A Touch of Magic, in hardback format through Lulu. You can find it here: If there seems to be enough interest, I’ll work on getting the second and third books converted as well.

Secondly, the audiobook for Magic Astray is completed! You can find it on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. David Stifel was as wonderful narrating this book as he was the first. Thanks David!

Lastly, I’ve been working diligently on the 3rd installment of the Llandra Saga. I’m tentatively titling the book “Magic Unleashed”, and we’ll see an older Randall. He’s been through a lot in the first two novels, and we’ll see the effects of those tribulations in this book. I’ll keep you up to date as I get closer to the release date.

Magic Astray, Audiobook coming soon!

David Stifel is on board to do the next audiobook! I loved his work on the first one and look forward to hearing his take on this one. Look for it in the coming weeks!

Want a free e-book?

Amazon has a new program, Kindle Matchbook.

Basically, the way the program works is this: If you buy a paperback from amazon, you *might* be able to buy the e-book at a discounted rate (depending on if the publisher enrolls the book, and at what rate they choose to sell it at). The program appears to be slated to go live in October.

I’m pleased to announce that you’ll be able to get all of my Llandra series e-books for *free* (once this feature goes live) if you buy the paperback versions from Amazon. People who have already bought the paperback should still be eligible.

I’ve been looking for a good way to do this kind of thing for a while, and Amazon has come through. This is awesome news!

The paperback of Magic Astray now available on Amazon

Check it out here!

I should have a few copies in my hand for autographs in the next couple of weeks.

A Touch of Magic, on sale until 9/7/2013

To commemorate the release of the sequel, I’m running a sale..the first book is 99 cents until 9/7/2013!

Nook version live!

Took ‘em a little longer than Amazon, but the Nook version of Magic Astray is now live!

Magic Astray available on Amazon

You can get Magic Astray as an ebook now on Amazon:

The Nook version will probably be available today, and I’ll make a post when it is.

The paperback proof will be in my hands around Sept 6th. Provided I don’t have to make major layout changes, it should become available on Amazon on the 7th or 8th. I’ll have autographed copies available around the 15th.