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Military discounts online

Everything is so dang interconnected now. I'm starting to feel my age. But this is not a whine.

I went to McDonalds today, because I got a free burger on their mobile app. McDonald's is running some sports-themed sweepstakes/contest. I got a 15% off coupon to the NFL store.

I don't really follow sports, but I go to the site anyway, thinking I might find some Christmas gifts. The site has a big banner proclaiming "15% off military discount." Wondering how the hell that would even work online, I clicked the banner and was directed to a website (id.me) that's a way for companies and other partners to verify your veteran status. And it's totally legit.

I was able to get my veteran status verified in a few minutes, and got a 10% military discount on some super-cheap polo shirts from the Hanes web store. There's a ton of sites (including dell, amazon, and other big retailers) that will take id.me credentials to give you a military discount.

It's kind of freaking cool.
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