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New weekend schedule

So, I recently changed up my weekend schedule to get more writing done. It's worked out really well. Gotten about 5K words finished in the last two weekends, and I'm hoping to get another 3,000 or so done today. I'm on track to have the first draft of the book done in December, and should be done with editing some time after the new year.

Which is lame, because Christmas sales rock. But what can ya do?

On another note, I was having a discussion on Reddit about book sales. Some people love to buy directly from the author because we get much more of the sale price of the book into our pockets that way. But I still prefer people to buy my books on Amazon--and review them if they feel the urge. Here's why:

I make the most money on any single sale if someone buys an autographed physical copy from me. And that's nice.

That said, it's far better for you to buy my books from Amazon, because that increases my sales rank, increases my visibility, and helps my work get seen by (and bought by) people who might not have seen it otherwise. Amazon's cut is reasonable, and without them I wouldn't have sold nearly as many books as I have.

Positive reviews are also helpful, not for visibility, but to help 'close the sale' for someone who is browsing books and trying to decide whether to invest in my particular stories are not.

So, if you want to buy me lunch, buy a book directly from me. If you want to help me get to a point where writing can replace my day job, buy a book from Amazon and tell your friends ;)
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