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Selling Ebooks at Space City Comic Con

I'll have a whole mess of books to sign at SCCC, but I thought I'd try an experiment, too.

I've taken delivery of a bunch of generic USB drives that I got at a decent price. I've tested them out, and they seem reliable and the prefect size to hold all of my works (the two Llandra novels, the 10 Celtic music books I've written, and the one book on brewing mead). I thought I'd experiment with selling those for $10.00 each at the convention too. But, they're a bit bland and generic:

I've gotten a quote for some "wafer" (credit-card sized) USB drives that look really freaking awesome. They'd look like this:

I really like the ability to get the cover onto a USB drive. I think that'd have a lot of real value for some people. And I especially like that the back is blank/white so that I can sign them, just as I would a paperback.

The problem is, I'd have to sell them for $15.00 each in order to make the cost worth it. My question to you, my fans, is: Would this be something that'd be worth it to you? Please send me an email or comment on the blog post and let me know. I'd have to spend a lot of money having these things printed up if the interest at that price was really low. But, on the other hand, if people think they're as cool as I do, I would want to have them made right away, in time for the Con.

Please, let me know what you think!

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